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The application

giasone-macch-eng-1-Visio-occhialiVISIO is our vision system that was created for industrial robotics. When Visio is applied to humans becomes a device capable of converting a tactile image from an image captured by a camera. VISIO allows a blind person to “feel”, to recognize objects that are in its movement area through the skin stimulation. A micro-camera, in the center of a sunglasses, (read all …) giasone-macch-eng-2-Securcrane-gThe ANTI-SWAY MODULE is derived from cognitive sciences applications. It has been successfully tested before on scaled models and after on an industrial crane located on the port of Le Havre, and assures low costs and high robustness. The module aims is to solve the most important problem of the containers movement into the port: the load swaying crane movement, (read all …) giasone-macch-eng-3-Laser-welding-system-gA LASER WELDING SYSTEM. The System was designed with an innovative type of control that allows seam autonomous tracking, and the on-line parallel control of the quality of the weld. The System is equipped with an intelligent agent system the emulator that emulates the welding and manages the run of welding over the seam line: in a dynamic way. (read all …)
giasone-macch-eng-4-transfer-gTRANSFER is a complex machine equipped by several functional tools. Seven stations, five horizontal and two vertical, and a station for loading / unloading of semi-finished. The piece switches automatically from one tool to another until the end of processing cycle. In a virtual dimension (the emulator), which is the intelligent stage (read all …) giasone-macch-eng-5-stent-gENDO CORONARY STENTS. In coronary artery obstruction, the modern angioplasty techniques provide the insertion, by mean of a probe, of endo coronary stents. When the project was developed in 1997, stents were traditionally handmade, shaping a steel wire with a diameter of about 0.2 mm. (read all…) giasone-macch-eng-6-smart-flexSMART FLEX (in progress). ENEA, in collaboration with CRF (FIAT Research Center) and COMAU, is implementing a video inspection system for detecting the position of a body car part, which the position isn’t known. This system will be applied to an existing workcell.

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