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The anti sway module

giasone-macch-eng-2-Securcrane-gThe ANTI-SWAY MODULE is derived from cognitive sciences applications. It has been successfully tested before on scaled models and after on an industrial crane located on the port of Le Havre, and assures low costs and high robustness. The module aims is to solve the most important problem of the containers movement into the port: the load swaying crane movement, during all phases of loading and unloading of the container (caused also from event not foreseeable, for example the wind). Sway is predicted and avoided before it appears. ANTI-SWAY MODULE is a module in side of the European SECURCRANE project. This is addressed to the toll lifting equipments of the ports for a great increase of their performances, safety and operator comfort. Crane drivers and port managers are key actors deeply involved since the very beginning to set out the right terms for future implementation. The goal is to practically eliminate the gap between the theoretical and the real productivity (lifts per hour) of the crane. In this field, because of the highly detailed bids from the buyers and the severe price competition, manufacturers neglect the risks for research and innovation. The core problem of the crane productivity is related to the loss of efficiency of the crane operator due to his very stress while working in the crane cabin. The stress comes from the cabin rough vibrations and from the frustrating continuous attention to the cargo sway during the load cycle. SECURCRANE project aims at realising the ambitious goal of a remote crane control giving the operator, by means of a very innovative approach and the most advanced knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence and artificial vision, the information “sensed” and seen by the operator in his position onboard. The functions of the remote control are completed by a further objective i.e. the container monitoring for integrity and safety. The project cares even the social aspects of the innovation, involving the crane drivers from the early beginning of activities.

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