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Le macchine (english version)

GIASONE. Since early ’80s, an innovative research project called GIASONE had begun at the laboratories of the ENEA-Frascati Research Center, starting from analysis of the knowledge of how the process by “perceptions” leads to the “actions”. This project is based on a new technological philosophy, using different cultural approaches, and the project target is to emulate the own behavior of a biological intelligence. The project’s domain concerns the conceiving of a cybernetic model that emulates synthetically the process intrinsic in the intelligent system of the biological “machine”.
giasone-macch-eng-0-manifes giasone-macch-eng-0-manifesto-reti
Il corpo e l’ambiente possono essere definiti mente
The body and the environment can be defined mind
[Antonio Botticelli Frascati 06/02/04]

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